I want to thank everyone for the fantastic support and trust that you have placed in me to lead the SCRCC. It is an incredible honor and privilege to serve you. I also want to thank the former leadership for carrying the mantel of conservatism. Together, we can move forward in getting Republicans elected who hold to our conservative values. We can do this in a passionate, clear, and respectful way that draws people closer instead of pushing them away. When the BULK of individuals of the Republican Party keeps the mission as the top priority, it produces an effective outcome. We have the correct values, the best concepts, and the proven recipe for success: FREEDOM.


What is the key to our success? What is the key to our freedom? A clear mission and vision coupled with a strong strategy that we implement will cause us to be successful. Our by-laws clearly define the mission; let me paraphrase, GET REPUBLICANS ELECTED.

            MISSION: Get Republicans Elected

            VISION: Fill Every Seat in Spokane County with a REPUBLICAN

STRATEGY: Empower PCOs and their neighbors to be grassroots leaders in their communities to win over people's hearts to conservative values.

I look forward to working with you to "GET REPUBLICANS ELECTED."

God Bless, and God Bless the United States of America

P. Brian Noble