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Republicans need to stay informed. We will post articles based on the SCRCC approved platform. If you would like to contribute please let the chair ([email protected]) and the vchair ([email protected]) know. We would like to sit down and see if it is a good fit. 


Resolved, That  we,  the  delegated  representatives  of  the  Republican  electors  of  Spokane  County,  in  convention  assembled, in discharge of the duty we owe to our constituent and our county, are united in our efforts to promote the following declarations:

Individual Rights

The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  reaffirms  that  our individual rights come from God. We believe that those rights — and the responsibilities therein  —  are  the  foundation  of  a  free  society,  embracing the U.S. Constitution as the cornerstone. We recognize the right to life from natural conception to natural death as inalienable. Just  as  the  Declaration  of  Independence  and  the  U.S.  Constitution were written to respect the individual citizen’s  basic  rights, the Bill of Rights was developed  to restrict and limit the role of government in our lives. Additionally,  Article  1  of  the  Washington  State  Constitution specifies, “all political power is inherent in  the  people,  and  governments  derive  their  just  powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  believes  that  guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution  and  Article  1  Section  24  of  the  Washington State Constitution is the right of all lawful citizens  –  free  from  government  intervention    –    to  bear arms in defense of their lives, their property, and the nation, from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Property Rights

The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  understands  that private property is at the heart of American freedom and independence. We agree “at the center of a  free  economy  is  the  right  of  citizens  to  be  secure  in  their property. All persons have the right to acquire, own,  use,  possess,  enjoy,  and  dispose  of  private  property1” as they see fit. Republicans  also  stress  that  private  property  rights  extend beyond issues of land use and ownership, and apply to the freedom to keep, spend and/or trade that which we earn, and the freedom to run our homes and operate  our  businesses  according  to  our  personal  values and without government interference. 

Limited Government

The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  believes  the  proper role of government is to protect the rights of the people and to provide only those critical functions, in  accordance  with  our  U.S.  Constitution,  that  cannot  be performed by individuals or private enterprise. We  believe  that  government  is  best  when  it  governs  least and is closest to the people -­‐ adhering to the principle  of  federalism.  All  government  at  all  levels  must live within its means and the means of its citizens.


Jobs, Economy, and Currency

The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  believes  that  American quality of life is best promoted through honest money not subject to manipulation. In addition, government regulation of the marketplace is counter–productive to a free society and that economies based on private enterprise and individual initiative will best foster  an  environment  of  job  growth  and  economic  prosperity.

Republicans  support  balanced  budgets,  reduced  regulations, and limited taxation, believing that lower taxes  stimulate  investment  in  and  by  the  private  sector; reducing regulations eliminates a major road block  to  job  growth;  and  balanced  budgets  promote  fiscal responsibility leading to reduced deficits and debt.

National Sovereignty, Immigration, & Defense

The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  believes  that  America must have the strongest military necessary to defend  our  borders,  our  homes,  and  our  national  interests according to the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of  Rights.  We  endorse  a  foreign  policy  of  peace,  commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, opposing the American role as policeman of the world.

Republicans  oppose  all  treaties  and  policies  that  sacrifice American sovereignty. We strongly assert that  the  interests  of  the  United  States  must  never  be  subordinate to that of any foreign nation or international  body.  This  includes  attacks  upon  our  sovereignty such as United Nations Agenda 21 or Kyoto Protocols.

Family Values

The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  believes  that  the State of Washington must act only in a fashion that protects  all  innocent  human  life  in  our  state  and  we  believe that the states must have the right to codify the sanctity of life from conception until natural death.

Republicans strongly support the right of families to be free to raise their children according to their personal morals,  values,  and  spiritual  beliefs.  Furthermore,  we  firmly believe that at the core of a strong family is a traditional  marriage  comprised  of  one  man  and  one  woman.


The Spokane County Republican Party  is dedicated to  reaffirming the importance of safety for students and staff.

We  recognize  that  only  through  a  rigorous  “back  to  basics” curriculum as determined by parents and local school  districts  can  we  achieve  the  high  level  of  education necessary to make us competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Education  spending  must  firmly  be  focused  in  the  classroom and not squandered on unnecessary administrative spending. We also assert that all public education expenditures must be regularly audited and open to public scrutiny.


The Spokane County Republican party believes that the best healthcare model is one with very limited government intervention, based around the principle of individual responsibility. The results of government inserting itself into the healthcare industry are rising costs and lower quality of care.


(Energy/Utility, Transportation, & Technology)
The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  understands  that government must continue to invest wisely in infrastructure and continue to strive to be a leader in energy and information technologies.

Republicans oppose government intervention into the energy  and  technology  sectors.  We  believe  that  the  free market, not government, can best decide where and how to invest our resources.

We  believe  that  transportation  projects  critical  to  growth and safety should be our top priority. We encourage  the  use  of  specific  user  fees  over  broad  taxation to pay for new infrastructure. We acknowledge  the  critical  importance  that  transportation plays in our daily lives and that the movement  of  goods  and  services  is  pivotal  to  commerce and a strong economy.


The  Spokane  County  Republican  Party  believes  that  strict adherence to the rule of law as laid out in the US Constitution  is  critical  for  America  to  continue  as  a  leader in the world.

The  American  justice  system  exists  to  protect  our  liberties.

Republicans  believe  that  all  people  have  a  right  to  equal treatment under the law. We oppose inequality in the creation or enforcement of laws based on group characteristics.

With  respect  to  this  foundation,  Republicans  have  utmost confidence in the Constitution of the United States  of  America  and  moreover,  the  higher  laws  set  forth by our God and Creator.

Finally, having thus set forth our distinctive principles and views, we invite the cooperation of all citizens, however differing on other questions, who substantially agree with us in their affirmation and support.