by Michael Wagner

Many years ago, in 1863, Lincoln said these words, " Government of the People, By the People, and For the People, Shall not perish from the Earth." Today these words have never been more in danger!  For years we have been losing our Constitutional and God Given freedoms that our American ancestors fought and died for. We have created major fractures within our Party and as a result we have lost many close elections to Democrat/Socialist candidates!  Plus, we are losing our country to a "woke", cancel culture, who's only goal is to destroy our history and our values! Over the last few years we have experienced a worsening of our lives—public and private, while the economy spins out of control. We have never witnessed anything like this, never before in this Great Nation? If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed. The Media should not be bought and paid for—but Independent and Unbiased! Printing money does not replace intelligence in government spending! Spending Billions of $$ on fake "climate change" is just plain wrong. Truth will ultimately prevail where there is light—or the Spirit of God. A Nation of well informed men who have taught the Word of God, will know and prize the rights which God has given them and cannot be enslaved by "woke" philosophy—ignorance is where tyranny begins. We shall not surrender our liberties nor can we be easily subdued when knowledge is preserved and virtue preserved.

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