PCO Training 02.28.2023



Recruit: "Who do you know that I should know?"

Recruit team members / Candidates to help in GOP focused activities or elected offices. Recruit locations to hold voter drives / GOP events.

Identify donors.

Raise money for Spokane GOP


PCO's Responsibilites:

The main responsibilities of a PCO are:

Canvas their precinct to identify voters, clean up data, register voters, and get out the vote.

Point of information and contact for voters in your neighborhood. Vetting and supporting Republican candidates.

Help flip Democrats seats.

Help support candidates and hold candidates accountable.

Fundraise for the Republican Party.

Elect Party leadership, help fill vacancies in elected office, and lead their precinct caucus every two years.

Represent the voters in your precinct to your District Leader and to the Executive Board:

By canvassing and getting to know your precinct you will directly represent their needs, issues, and concerns to your local party leadership


PCO Captain / Teams

A PCO Captain is someone who helps with the responsibilities of a PCO. It is important to fill this position to help with the duties of a PCO.

Identify potential team members for the GOP and to help in your precinct with canvassing etc*

Identify potential venues / community events / businesses open to hosting or allowing the local GOP to attend.**

*All potential team members should be documented and the information given to your District Leader or Team lead in charge of this responsibility

**All venues / community events / businesses / churches etc. should be documented and the information given to your District Leader or Team lead in charge of this responsibility.



PCO's are the backbone of the party. They're the grassroots movement that can affect positive change in our community, state, and country by getting conservative Republicans elected. As an elected public servant, you represent the people in your precinct and know better than anyone their needs and concerns. Let's go win.


Mission Statement: Get Conservative Republicans Elected who will make our platform policy


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