More election bills to be heard on Tuesday 1/31 and Wednesday 2/1

Updated 1/31:
House State Gov't and Tribal Relations   Jan 31 @ 1:30pm
Possible Executive Session:  Need to contact committee members or submit written comments to them by email.
1.   HB 1333 - Establishing the domestic violent extremism commission.  Why put anyone in charge of deciding  who is speaking in "domestic terrorism" conversation.  CON 
2.   HB 1174 - Improving access and removing barriers to jail-based voting.  Speaks for itself.  I wonder if we provide special treatment for folks in jail but not for folks who are disabled and are working for a living.
3.   HB 1317 - Concerning grassroots lobbying disclosure. Citizens who send out information about legislation may eventually be included in this law application.
4.   HB 1272 - Concerning publishing, formatting, and distribution of the state and local voters' pamphlets.  Restricts freedom of speech in their voter pamphlet statements for campaign.  Who decides what is "disinformation" or "misinformation" -- the County Auditor or someone who is appointed by the Auditor??

Senate State Gov't and Elections  Jan 31 @ 1:30pm
Public Hearing:  Comment on these bills by using all of the public testimony portals on the Legislative web-site as well as contacting the members of the committee.
1.   SB 5209 - Establishing universal civic duty voting. (Remote Testimony Available).  No need to REQUIRE everyone to vote or turn in a ballot.
2.   SB 5378 - Concerning voter education. (Remote Testimony Available).Lots of money devoted to educating the public how to use Ranked Choice Voting.
3.   SB 5459 - Concerning requests for records containing election information. (Remote Testimony Available).  Read this to find out how little information will be available on the elections.
House State Gov't and Tribal Relations  Executive session   Feb 1 @ 1:30pm
Contact the committee members and email them your comments.

HB 1443 - Updating the process for online voter registration by allowing voter applicants to provide the last four digits of social security number for authentication.  It is very inexpensive to get social security numbers and then submit false voter registrations.  Regular forms of ID would no longer be required for on-line registrations.