May 2020 Newsletter

Our newsletter was about to be sent out weeks ago when the impact of Covid-19 became more apparent. So, it was necessary to make some changes, but we still want to keep you informed and up to date. Critical elections are this year and we need to be preparing for the time when our country will be well on the way to recovery.



Chairman’s Corner - Brian Steele

We hope this letter finds all of you well and safe. We know many have been adversely affected. The American people are resilient and innovative. We will find solutions to both the health and economic issues associated with Covid-19. Our prayers, thoughts and actions are all focused on a steady recovery and positive outcome.

Part of the Platform of the Spokane County Republican Party is a statement of Guiding Principles from which the platform planks are derived. The guiding principle on family values in part reads: “Republicans strongly support the right of families to be free to raise their children according to their personal morals, values, and spiritual beliefs.” When the legislature began their session this right was immediately put under siege by the introduction and now passage of a Washington State sex education bill, SB 5395, that could take away the right of parents to determine what their children are to be taught by hindering the ability of local leaders and school boards to decide what is the best approach for their communities. We have seen this basic right as well others come under attack by the progressive left of this State.

We can have many responses to these attacks, and many are taking place. One of the most important things we can do is to make sure that Republicans who will fight to defend these rights are elected this year. We received information at the State Party meeting in January that outlines what we need to do to win those elections. We need effective PCOs in every precinct. These PCOs can be most effective by registering 5 new voters in each precinct, persuading 14 voters to vote Republican, and turning out 10 voters who otherwise would not turn in their ballots. These efforts will allow us to take the Governor race and will ensure the election of other good Republicans.

The Republican Party in Spokane is continuing to strengthen our party in a variety of ways. In February we created a new committee to help organize and increase participation of young Republicans in our county. We are enthusiastic by the efforts that Jeff Morgan, 4B District Leader and the new chair of this committee, has already initiated. One result of this committee is a combined effort between the Spokane Community College Republicans and the County Party to sponsor a Gubernatorial Debate.  For those who believe that all of our inalienable freedoms must be preserved, our caucuses on February 29 provided opportunities for these individuals to have a voice.  Unfortunately, it was necessary to postpone the County Convention originally scheduled for March 21.  We have worked with the State Party on a plan to use technology to hold a modified convention May 16.  All delegates should have received an email about the convention. If you did not, please check your spam folders first and if there are no emails contact us to make sure we have your correct address. In addition, the latest information is posted on our GOP website on the Home page.

Young Republicans Committee  -  Jeff Morgan Chair

The Spokane GOP at the direction of Chairman Brian Steele has started a Young Republicans Committee, with the purpose to increase participation of college and high school Republicans in the Spokane County GOP. At the same time, we also want to hear from the Committee on how we can help the members involve more people at their schools and in their communities. We understand the importance of engaging the next generation so hearing from the members and their peers can help us know which part of the GOP platform to emphasize when we are recruiting and reaching out to younger Republicans.  We already have several great committee members from local colleges and have had our first meeting. Our focus over the next several months will be to hold an event for the Young Republicans where we can introduce them to the function of the County Party and let them know how they can help. Soon we will also be forming a Spokane GOP young professionals’ group.  Right now, we are looking for young professionals that are willing to lend some time in support of our Young Republicans. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Jeff Morgan, Committee Chair, 614-564-7928, [email protected].

Interested in being a delegate to the State GOP Convention this summer?  

You must let us know at least 72 hours prior to our County Convention, which will start online on May 16, 10:00 am. Credentialing begins at 7:30 am. 

  1. If you would like to be included on the list of nominees as a delegate or alternate to the State Convention, please send an email to [email protected] at least 72 hours prior to the start of the County Convention.  Please include your name, precinct number, phone number and email address.

*If you are NOT a delegate or alternate to the County Convention you can still sign up to be a candidate for delegate/alternate to the State Convention but you must be a registered voter in Spokane County in the precinct where you currently live.

**No nominations will be taken on the day of the convention or within 72 hours of the start of the County Convention**

Delegates in each of the 5 legislative districts in Spokane County, participating in the online County Convention, will be the ones voting for delegates to the State Convention. They will only be voting on the delegates from their district.



To all those who attended our caucuses on Feb 29th.


To our 2019 volunteers, it was wonderful to celebrate with you in January.


To our entire SCRCC board for all their work to make the caucuses happen.  A very special thank you to Lance Barton our Caucus Chair, Donna O’Leary our Credentials Chair and Jeff Olsen for the many, many hours they have put in to make the caucuses a success!


Our Convention Chair Jonathan Bingle for all his efforts to make this year’s county convention an amazing experience!  His creative ideas will have a great impact on future conventions, even though we won’t be able to experience many of them this year. 


Words cannot express the gratitude we have for our Tech Chair, Bill Vaughn, who has spent countless hours entering all the caucus data as well as trying to learn new software and programs so we can offer an online county convention during this unique time for our world.

NEW ways to support Republican Values in Spokane County

BRAND NEW - 2020 Sustaining Membership Program:

We are so excited to announce our BRAND NEW 2020 Sustaining Membership program.  Check it out! While the primary purpose of our membership program is to support our candidates and conservative values, there are lots of fun things for you included when you join.  The most unique comes with the Chairman’s Circle. Along with many other great perks, it even includes a private dinner at The Chairman’s home, where you will feast on a whole roasted pig.  With membership options ranging from $50-$1500, there is a level for everyone.  Take a look and see what level of support works best for you.

Volunteer Program:

To use our volunteers more effectively, we have a new sign-up page on our website. Not only will it benefit our party but it is also great for volunteers because you can very specifically volunteer for the things that interest you and those that especially express your talents. The page went live several weeks ago and, without any advertising, it has already generated a lot of response. It has been very exciting to see what interests our county residents and what everyone is willing and able to do to help make our party even stronger. Sign up now so that when we are able to get together again, we are ready to go with many volunteers.

Lincoln Day Dinner:

Unfortunately, the originally scheduled in person Lincoln Day event for May 28th will not be able to take place.  The committee has gone back to the drawing board and is considering creative options at this time.  When a date or alternative event has been decided, that information will be posted on the calendar on our GOP website and information will be sent by email, if we have your email address.


  • PCOs                      

SIGN UP HERE FOR MORE INFO or CONTACT TIANNA@ [email protected] OR 509-838-6162 EXT 2


Check calendar on GOP Website for updates.




MAY 11-15 Candidates file for office. Filing instructions for PCO candidates here.

JUNE 3 Probably last date to mail your petitions for Referendum 90 to repeal SB 5395. Turn in date for organizers is June 10. More Information here.

NOVEMBER 3, 2020 PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RE-ELECTION!! Get ideas to help Trump’s re-election right now at here.


Sign Referendum 90! Help Repeal SB 5395, Sexual Health Education Bill K-12

Republicans fought for hours, proposing amendments that would help ensure local control of sex education and would protect our rights to choose and teach our kids about these mature topics, but each attempt was shot down by the Democrats.  We must stop the madness and restore sanity to Olympia.

Now is your chance to help give voters the opportunity to vote on whether or not they want to repeal SB 5395. Just get a petition and collect signatures to add a referendum to the November ballot. Petitions are available at Almost 130,000 valid signatures are needed by June 10. Given that we are supposed to stay home, getting signatures from others is going to be more difficult. While each petition can have 20 signatures, you can send in a petition with only a few signatures. Every signature helps. For a signature to be valid, the person must be registered to vote in Washington State.

Encouraging words in an email from Union Gospel Mission:
“The Good News is that we rest in the hands of a mighty God. That has not changed…

‘The Lord is my protector; he is my strong fortress. My God is my protection, and with him I am safe. He protects me like a shield; he defends me and keeps me safe” – Psalm 18:2.’”


We can use your continued financial support so we can help move Republican Values and Leadership forward in our community.


Let’s work together for GOP Unity in 2020!