LISTEN TO THIS AND TAKE ACTION!!! - From Jennifer Heine-Withee

HB 1469 - Concerning access to reproductive health care services and gender-affirming treatment in Washington state. If this bill passes WA courts would ignore any legal ruling from out of state if it involves a minor seeking gender reassignment surgery.
Mar 16 Scheduled for public hearing in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice at 8:00 AM
As of now there are 509 PRO and 799 CON. That's not enough CONs, we know how this goes. We've got to flood the system in order to have any chance!

Talking points:
  • Violation of parent's rights.
  • Sets kids up to be exploited by individuals and groups who are more concerned with furthering an agenda than the best interest of the child.
  • Unconstitutional
  • Sets Washington up for expensive lawsuits from other states.
  • This bill is a violation of the law and the very opposite of justice!

Thank you,

  • Mj Bolt
    published this page in WA NEWS/BILLS 2023-03-15 11:19:47 -0700