Got 3 Minutes to Oppose Tax Bills? Conservative Ladies of Washington


If you've got 3 minutes or 10 minutes, your action can make a difference! Washington legislators want to spend our money, price us out of our homes, take our constitutional rights and more! Happy Monday!

It's week 8 of our 2023 legislative session and today begins floor debates and votes in both the House and the Senate. This activity will continue through March 8th. During the next several days lawmakers will strategize their priority bills and bring them to a floor for a vote. Once they pass in their "chamber of origin", they will move to the other chamber to repeat the process with committee hearings and public testimonies, where they may be amended before moving to a floor vote. 

Our focus this week is to put political pressure on our legislators to NOT advance some of the most egregious bills of the session. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE - KEEP GOING!!

I know it feels like we are playing "wack-a-mole" with this session - and we are - but it is really important that we make our voices heard. We've made it easy for you to email your representatives on each of these bills. When you do them from our Legislative Action Center it really only takes seconds for each bill. And if you like, you can customize your message. Most important is the volume of opposition. 

We have worked with a few of our conservative legislators to put together a priority list of the bills that need your action. See below for or just click over to our Legislative Action Center and click through the bills - should take you less than 5 minutes. 
There are hundreds of bad bills this session, but below is our "hot" list of bills that we are told have a strong likelihood of moving to a floor vote...and they are all bad for the citizens of Washington. MORE TAXES! Taking your 2A rights, advancing abortions beyond the borders of WA on your taxpayer dime, increasing access to assisted suicide...

HB 1628 Real Estate Excise Tax - OPPOSE
HB 1670 Raises Property Taxes - OPPOSE
HB 1155 Digital Privacy - OPPOSE
HB 1025 Personal Liabilty/Police - OPPOSE
HB 1240 "Assault Weapons" ban - OPPOSE
SB 5179 and HB 1282 Death with Dignity - OPPOSE
SB 5078 2A "Put the FFL Out of Business Act" - OPPOSE
HB 1143 Permit to Purchase a Firearm - OPPOSE
HB 1333 establishes a "Domestic Violence Extremism Commission" - OPPOSE
SB 5242 Abortion Cost Sharing - OPPOSE
HB 1469 "Shield Law" Makes WA a Sanctuary State for Abortion/Gender Affirming Services - OPPOSE 
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