Elections Bills still alive in WA House & Senate

Thanks to Ruth Ryan for this information:
As of this morning these bills are still being considered in the House and Senate.  Make comments to your own district Senator and Representatives.
Watch the Legislative web-site for updates as to what bills are being debated during the days ahead.
Ruth Ryan
HB-1048 / SSB 5047  "Washington Voting Rights Act" which would allow special rights to special groups, allow non-citizens to vote and arbitrarily penalize certain groups of people. This would further erode election integrity in the state of Washington!

HB 1229 - ( E2SSB 5112 already passed to House)  Updating Processes Related to Voter Registration.  Another Election Fraud Bill! By automatically registering EVERYONE to vote at the DOL and other State Gov. offices, it will further corrupt the voter rolls with ineligible voters. These voters are shared with * ERIC (a 3rd party national centralized data base) and can be used (in other states) by nefarious actors adjusting the name and / or mailing address ever so slightly. These types of bills are appearing all over the US, Colorado, etc. and are coming from the national level, many are written by Voting Machine Vendors, Nat. Assoc of SOS / Auditors, Special Interest Lobby Groups, etc. HB 1229 also takes away dates of birth of the registered voter and replaces it with only the year of birth on any PRR which makes proving fraudulent duplicate voters virtually impossible! By design this Election Fraud Bill also makes voter challenges and cleaning the voter rolls much more difficult! 5112 companion bill

SHB 1241 Election officials, treating as criminal justice participants for harassment.  Adding harassment against election officials as a class C felony but no real definition of what is considered threatening. CON because there is no real definition as to what is a "threatening"  situation..
2SHB 1272 Voters' pamphlets, state and local, submission of candidate statements, contact information, and photographs.  Restricts what candidates can put in their campaign statements.  CON because it restricts free speech rights.
HB 1333: Domestic Violent Extremism Commission. Establishing a comprehensive public health and community-based framework for responding to "Domestic Violent Extremism" under the State AG Office. More ridiculous nonsense being pushed by State Dems to further their misguided narrative. This proposed law does NOT include Whites or Christians and is Very Discriminatory! It is an assault against free speech and in truth is really about censorship!!  CON
SHB 1426 - ( ESSB 5207 already passed to the House)  Campaign finances, contributions by controlled entities, aggregating with those by same controlling person(s). Looks like a GOOD proposal
SHB 1442 / (ESSB 5152 some what similar proposal already passed to the House)  Advertising, political, synthetic media used by candidates, regulating how manipulated pictures or recordings can be used. Looks like a fairly GOOD proposal.
HB 1443 - (SB 5208 already passed to the House)  Updating the process for online voter registration by allowing voter applicants to provide the last four digits of social security number for authentication.  It is very inexpensive to get social security numbers and then submit false voter registrations.  Regular forms of ID would no longer be required for on-line registrations.  A couple of changes have been submitted by Walsh and Abbarno, but the amendment wording will have to be adopted by the House members.   CON
SSB 5047 / HB-1048 "Washington Voting Rights Act" which would allow special rights to special groups, allow non-citizens to vote and arbitrarily penalize certain groups of people. This would further erode election integrity in the state of Washington!  CON
 SB 5153 Future voters, limiting disclosure of information which also keeps accurate election results research limited to incomplete information.  CON
SB 5209 / (HB 1220 "dead" in the House): Establishing Universal Civic Duty Voting. Every "voter" who is eligible to vote under Article VI, 6 section 1 of the state Constitution MUST register to vote unless the person OBTAINS A WAIVER from the obligation to register to vote by the SOS. Would also require anyone who is legally eligible to register to vote in WA state to do so & submit a ballot. Easy targets for voter fraud!  CON
SSB 5378 Primaries, new chapter mandating voter education for methodology changes in candidate selection.  Sounds good on the surface, but can restrict further changes in the voting processes -- i.e. changing back to hand counting of ballots.  CON
SSB 5723 Cities and towns, allowing elections to be held on even-numbered years, which would make a very long ballot (voter fatigue) and more competition for campaigning support and prevent initiative petition actions.  Just too complicated.  CON
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