Comprehensive Sexual Education Information

On the November 3rd ballot we recommend
to repeal Senate Bill 5395 that mandates Comprehensive Sex Education
in Washington State from K-12.

We support the right of families to be free to raise their children according to their personal morals, values and spiritual beliefs.

We have rarely witnessed a time when the rights of parents have been under attack as blatantly as they are with the new sex education law, SB 5395, passed earlier this year by our Democratic legislature without any Republican support and signed by our Governor. As parents push back by considering alternative education methods for their children, the left is already hinting at making home schooling more difficult. Many educators are as upset with the state’s overreach into families as parents are. Help us push back by REJECTING R-90 when you vote in November.

Parents for Safe Schools did an amazing job of spearheading a campaign to collect signatures on a petition that put R-90 on the ballot. In less than 3 months they gathered 266,000 signatures; about 100,000 more than was necessary. For more information on R-90 go to

If we voters reject R-90 , school districts will undoubtedly continue with the sexual health education that they currently provide. Rejecting R-90 does not eliminate it in the schools, it just overturns SB 5395 which mandates comprehensive sexual health education for all grades, K-12, and establishes requirements for the curriculum.

To prevent such bills as SB 5395 in the future, it is vital that we have your help to elect more “family values” legislators. Donate to the conservative candidates of your choice or to the Spokane County GOP for our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign this fall.

In addition, consider signing the petition for Initiative 1109, Common Sense Sex Education,, or better yet get a petition and gather signatures by December to qualify the initiative for next year’s ballot. If passed, I-1109 will give local school districts and parents significantly more control over what is taught to their children about sexual health.

  • Mark Kanzler
    commented 2020-10-22 15:42:37 -0700
    This looks like it was deliberately written to be confusing.
    I don’t know whether to reject it or accept it.

    I don’t want kids to be taught any sorts of perversions and deviant sexual behaviors.
  • Patricia Shadden
    commented 2020-05-28 16:08:26 -0700
    We the parents and not the WEA and Planned Parenthood should be first to introduce sexuality and its context to our children.
    Educators have plenty to do without this kind of intrusion into the family. An opt in for parents who don’t feel up to the task
    could have benefits but that too must be at the behest of parents. This is why private schools and charter schools are growing.