Local Republicans Launch Clarification Campaign


Historical & Current Issues Clarified 

Contrary to popular belief, the Republican party was the party behind the abolition of slavery, sent the first Black man to Washington DC, and was the party fighting for women’s suffrage. 

The Spokane County Republican Party will be highlighting these and other relevant points in a new billboard campaign starting November 1, 2021. Brian Steele, Chair of the Spokane County Republican Central Committee, is spearheading this campaign. 

The Billboards highlight the following Historical points: 

The Republican Party was Formed to End Slavery.

In February of 1854, the members of the Whig party, who were passionately supportive of abolishing slavery, formed a new political party: Republican. This new party evolved into the party we know today.1

The First Black Congressman was a Republican.

The first Black member of the U.S. Congress was Republican Hiram Rhodes Revels from Mississippi, who took his seat in 1870.2

Republicans Led on the Woman’s Right to Vote.

The Republican Party secured the right for women to vote in 1919 after they gained control of Congress.3

Other billboards also will talk about issues that are points of differentiation between the parties. The explanation statements originate from the GOP platform. 

Freedom is on the Line.

“Big government infringes upon the rights of the citizens, is prohibitive, inefficient, and extremely expensive.”

Equal Justice for All.

“All people have a right to equal treatment under the law.” 

Property Rights Protected.

“It is the right of all citizens to legally acquire, own, use, and dispose of private property.”

Free Markets & Free Speech.

“Free Markets empower individuals by creating both new opportunities and innovation. We believe you have the freedom to think, speak, worship, and disagree without fear of government interference or penalty.”

Stop the Insanity. 

Brian Steele added, “Republicans believe in accountability and are not satisfied with the current approach to the homelessness crisis. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Providing free housing without accountability has been a disaster and a result of an imbalance of power at the Spokane City Council 1-6.”



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