CAPR UPDATE 1/31 (Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights, Spokane County)

Tyrant Inslee continues to stomp all over local control and input: rejects hearing for Rep. Dye's HB 1123
H E L P !!!
From Rep. Mary Dye: "Governor seeks to fast-track wind and solar siting; You should have a voice in that process!"
"It seems Gov. Jay Inslee is determined no one will get in the way of his plan to build large solar and wind energy farms in Eastern Washington. Last March, he vetoed significant sections of a clean energy facility siting measure, House Bill 1812, that would have given rural stakeholders more input and a broader long-term picture in the siting review of wind and solar projects. Sections 19, 20, 21 and 22 that the governor vetoed came from amendments Rep. Mark Klicker and I added to the bill after working in good faith with our Democratic colleagues to ensure rural communities would be able to see what 30 years of siting wind and solar would do to Washington's rural landscape.
Instead, the governor doubled down to pass House Bill 1812, which removed local authorities from determining whether or not to permit construction of these energy farms. The bill gave those decisions to the governor's hand-picked members of the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC). However, just to be sure even EFSEC doesn't get in his way, Gov. Inslee's request legislation this year, House Bill 1216, would establish the Interagency Clean Energy Siting Coordinating Council, staffed under his administration by the Department of Ecology and Department of Commerce. Responsibilities include “to improve the siting and permitting of clean energy projects.” In other words, fast-tracking up to some 700,000 thousand square acres of wind and solar projects to be placed in Eastern Washington — and you won't have a say in that process. During a conference in Egypt, Inslee said, “We've got to make decisions and this will be controversial. We have to confront it. We have to succeed.”
House Bill 1216 is his insurance policy to ramrod the solar and wind siting process where he wants them to go.
It's wrong for the governor to use our Eastern Washington lands as the dumping ground for his energy projects to power the Puget Sound area. I am very concerned about the land pollution and energy sprawl his proposals would create in Eastern Washington.
In response to his veto and his work to fast track intermittent energy siting, I recently introduced House Bill 1123, my clean energy siting measure. This bill would ensure there is local input and the ability to see what environmental, social and economic consequences of that massive construction would be to our region. This would provide a more holistic look at energy siting across the state as the governor expedites the implementation of wind and solar construction. This bill would provide balance and ensure we have meaningful consultation with the community and the tribal people who are impacted by these projects.
The governor wields a lot of power. His House Bill 1216 received a public hearing on Jan. 19 and is expected to be passed by the committee. Unfortunately, I'm told there will be no public hearing on my bill. That's disappointing, because I believe you and our other Eastern Washington citizens should have input when it comes to where wind and solar should be located, especially if the governor wants to put it essentially in your backyard."
Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve and represent you! Sincerely, Mary Dye--9th Legislative District
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