2021 Primary



2021 Primary Spokane County Republican Party Executive Board Endorsements:

Spokane City Council
District 1, Position 2: Jonathan Bingle
District 3, Position 2: Mike Lish

Spokane Valley Citywide
Position 4: Ben Wick, Brandon Fenton
Position 7: Laura Padden, Renault Patrick Evans

Spokane School District #81
Position 4: Kata Dean

Spokane East Valley
Position 3: Emelie Braxton, Carolyn Petersen

Recommendations (Candidates have not asked for endorsement): 

Spokane Valley Council Citywide
Position 5: Pamela Haley, Wayne Fenton

Cheney Council Citywide
Position 3: Justin Amyot, Tim Gainer, Mark Posthuma

Deer Park Mayor: Tim Verzal

Deer Park City Council
Position 1: Jason Upchurch

Spokane School District #81
Position 3: Daryl Geffken, Jake Leadingham

Spokane Central Valley School District
Position 5: Pam Orebaugh, Jared VonTobel

Spokane County Water District 3
Commissioner Position 2:  Kevin McMulkin

Ballots have been mailed.

If you have not gotten yours by July 19, please contact Spokane County Elections, 509.477.2320. Completed ballots must be postmarked or dropped in a ballot drop box by 7:59 p.m. on Tuesday, August 3. 

If you need more information on candidates and the election:

  1. Voters’ Pamphlet you should have received in the mail. Again contact the  Spokane County Elections Office if you did not receive one.
  2. Online Voters’ Pamphlet, Drop Box locations and other election information:  https://www.spokanecounty.org/178/Current-Election.
  3. Many candidates have webpages and/or publish information on Facebook. If you  need help finding it or have other questions, contact Spokane County GOP,  509.838.6162.
  4. Track your ballot or register to vote: